The Best Travel Backpack 2020

Best Travel Backpacks

How to choose my ideal travel backpack? What are the features of a best travel backpack?  What should be the size of my travel backpack? I know every travelling enthusiast come across these problems very frequently. So your virtual travel buddy is going to give you some extra special travel tips that will help you to choose the best travel backpack which is ideal for you.

Backpack requirements will differ from traveler to traveler based on their budget and the travel duration. So my objective is to help you to choose the best travel backpack independently for travelling anywhere.

Best Travel Backpacks 2020

Let’s break it down and discuss as follows, then you can easily decide on how to choose the best travel backpack.

Best Travel Backpack for Men

Everyone is looking for a lighter comfortable backpack when travelling, as otherwise it will be a nuisance for the journey. But what is the most important factor when it comes to the size of the ideal travel backpack? I know no one wants to wait in baggage check-in line or to be in a luggage carousel which is crowded. So the factor you need to focus is whether you can take it with you in the cabin. So our advice is to check the airline rules and regulations on the size of the baggage and choose yours according to that.

Best Travel Backpack for Men

If you are a man who travels frequently there are few things that you should consider when choosing your travel backpack. Should it be a branded one? It would be better if you could choose a good backpack brand, but no need to be an expensive one. Just need to be a good quality one with a good reputation. You can look up online customer reviews to check the quality and then you can find out whether it is recommended by the customers.

Let’s check out some backpack options that make your journey easier.

Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack

This is one of the most durable travel backpack that men can easily pack all their necessaries in an organized way. You can over pack also as it easy very comfortable although you carry much. So this is a recommended as one of the best travel backpacks for men as it is portable and organized and can pack easily as in a suitcase.

Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack

Who doesn’t like a stylish backpack that is also convenient and organized? This backpack provides storage options for all your stuff with multiple access points and also is suitable to carry your cloths even for a week. So isn’t it your ideal travel backpack?

Best Travel Backpack for Women

If you are planning to explore the beautiful corners of the world and gather more experience you should carry a perfect backpack with you to ease your journey. So we are here to help you to find out the best travel backpack to pack all your things.

Best Travel Backpack for Women

Make sure that you would not carry more pairs of shoes (yeah I also do the same) and plan a capsule wardrobe to maximize your space.

Osprey Fairview 40

This full featured light weighted stylish backpack which is specified for women and this offers plenty of organization and travel focused features. And this is available in different sizes so you can carry this with you for whatever adventure you go on. So ladies, this is something that I would go for.

Deuter Transit 40

Perfect carry-on with more number of compartments and well suited for women. It has space for everything and can pack all your clothes, shoes, documents etc. allowing easy access to all your stuff.

The U shaped frame sheet and cushioned back panel offer more support and a close fit and helps for a perfect load transfer and even weight distribution. Since this is specially designed for women there is a variety of colors and you can pick according to your preference. So this can be considered as a very popular travel back among women.

Best Travel Backpack for Europe

If you are planning to travel around Europe you should choose a good quality backpack as it makes your journey an easy one! We will provide you few tips to choose the best travel backpack since you must have a good companion to travel with you. Be more careful when you are deciding on your backpack as you are buying it for one time and using it for couple of weeks or months.

Best Travel Backpack for Europe

When choosing your travel backpack for Europe tour first decide how much space you need and then decide the size of the backpack. We suggest you to carry a small one as it will be easy when you are flying and helps to save money as well. And also it easily fits into the overhead compartments of trains and busses and also into the lockers of your lodging.

If you are worrying about the laundry I must say no need to worry!! There are enough laundry services and they are cheap and easy to find out when travelling in Europe.

You can find best laundry tips here that will make your journey more easy.

So let’s see the best travel backpacks for Europe that make your journey more convenient!

Osprey Farpoint 55

Well suited for Europe and provides plenty of luggage space allowing you to carry all your stuff. Since it is light weighted, it feels more comfortable when travelling.

This is the most popular backpack for Europe and is a good choice as it has all the features you are looking for when travelling in Europe.

Since it has separate compartments for main items and the small stuff you can keep everything organized and can find out easily. So we can easily recommend Osprey Fairpoint 55 as one of the best travel backpacks for Europe.

REI Co-op Ruckpack 40 Pack

This comes in both Men and Women versions and also in different colors. So you can pick according to your preference!

This differs from the earlier one because this includes more robust suspension system which helps you if you are going for a hike.

The main difference between the Men’s and the Women’s versions is the harness system.

REI Co-op Ruckpack is a good option for the travelers who are fond of city hopping as well as adventures!

Best Travel Backpack for Business

Why you need a backpack for business travel? Even though you are going for a business purpose you have to take your document, laptop and other necessary things.

Rather than carrying a briefcase the backpack is easier and it should be a good quality, durable and professional one!

Best Travel Business for Business

When choosing the best travel backpack for business make sure that your backpack provides separate storage for work tools and your personal stuff such as clothes, shoes and also travel essentials.

The perfect business travel backpack must provide the sufficient protection for your valuable belongings and also it should have the ability to compress down even for a day trip.

Aer Travel Pack 2

Aer Travel Pack 2 has all the features we discussed above and this suits well for the business trips. Since this has separate storage for your laundry, shoes, documents, laptop and the lockable main compartment this gives you more safety.

And also the organizational features inside the backpack is amazing!

You must be glad that Aer decided to have AquaGuard Zips. Because of that, this supports with weather resistance making this, one of the best travel backpacks for business.

Arcido Faroe

A simple, attractive and stylish backpack that is light weighted and water resistance.

One of the best travel backpacks for business as it provides all the features we are looking for.

This is a smart choice since this offers organized compartments as we discussed above to keep your business and personal gears separately.

The special feature of this backpack is that it provides an adjustable laptop harness so it will support any size of laptop.

Best Travel Backpack with Laptop

Let’s say you are a businessman, photographer, entrepreneur or you are just travelling for fun. What is the equipment that will be hardest for you to pack? Yeah your guess is right. It’s your laptop.

Nowadays, laptop has been a part of everyone’s life. So it is really important to decide on how to pick the best travel backpack with laptop.

Best Travel Backpack with Laptop

All the backpacks that we discussed above comes with a separate compartments for your laptop. So just make sure you check for the adjustability of the laptop harness so that compartment will be an ideal fit for your laptop.

Hope you have gained knowledge and our travel tips helped you to find the best travel backpack for you. We would like to hear what you think about our specialized travel tips and how it helped you to choose your ideal travel backpack. Please contact us for any of your queries, we would like to help you with our experienced team. If you are looking for a wonderful vacation destination with your new travel backpack, have a look at our recommended destinations.

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